Roof Rake Roof Snow Removal Tool Sno-Knife

Finally, a Roof Snow Removal Tool that Really Works!

  • 24" x 18" Head made of specially formulated high-density polymer.

  • Unique front edge design can be used on virtually any roof covering.

  • 5 ft High-tensile aluminum, snap together poles with a 6" foam grip.

  • No heavy lifting, pushing or pulling, 20 ft model weighs 5 1/2 lbs

  • Slide the SNO-KNIFE under the snow and let it and gravity do the work.

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    Roof Snow Removal Tool

    SK-P4 (20 ft) Model
    Only $69.95!!(US)

    Sno-knife Replacement Head ONLY, to use with existing 1 inch diameter poles.

    Replacement head

    Extra 5ft. Extension Pole (P-1) with snap button for easy attachment.

    Additional section
    Only $14.95!!(US)



    Click on Pictures to View Videos

    Undercutting the snow.

    Cutting compacted snow.

    Let Sno-Knife do the work

    Fresh snow is even easier (shingled roof)

    Clearing metal roofs has never been so easy.

    Take the snow off faster than shoveling, and without damaging your roof!

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